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Olive Wood Crosses

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Olive wood crosses & crucifixes

A Daily Reminder of the Christian Faith

There is no greater symbol of the Christian faith than the cross that Jesus gave His life on. Millions of Christians around the globe display olive wood crosses & crucifixes in their home to remind them of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. You can select your own cross or crucifix from our beautiful olive wood collection. Each cross was hand carved in Bethlehem using olive wood from the Holy Land. Choose from our large selection and display your faith anywhere in your home. 

Olive Wood Crosses & Crucifixes


Olive Wood Crosses


Olive Wood Crucifixes Wood Corpus

Our olive wood crucifixes are a beautiful way to remember Jesus' death and resurrection everyday. Browse from our selection of crucifixes for yourself or purchase a gift for a friend or family member. Our crucifixes make great gifts for first communion and confirmation.