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Olive Wood Gift Ideas


olive wood gifts

Beautiful Gift Ideas from the Holy Land

When you need a gift for one of the special someones in your life, Bethlehem Art is ready to help. We offer great gift ideas which are hand carved with olive wood and sure to be a hit with the special people in your life. From paperweights to chess sets, we've got you covered when it comes to selecting an ideal gift. Browse our gift collections and begin giving the gifts they are sure to treasure for years to come. 

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olive wood candle holders

Light Up Any Occasion

Our olive wood candle holders can make any occasion special. Each candle holder set is crafted by our Holy Land artisans with love and care. From special occasion taper holders to tea lights that tell the story of your faith, you will love displaying candles in our one-of-a-kind holders. Browse our selection of candle holders hand carved in Bethlehem and add a beautiful display for your candles today. 

olive wood animals

Gifts for Your Animal Lover

Bethlehem Art is your one stop shop for the animal lover in your life. We carry hand-carved animal figurines made with olive wood. Each of our animals are made in Bethlehem and are a beautiful addition to any animal lover's display. Browse our selection of animals for a unique gift they are sure to love. 

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Other Holy Land Gifts

Jordan River Oil

Praying Hands