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Olive Wood Jesus

The Cornerstone of Our Faith

One of our most prized collections is our olive wood Jesus figures. These hand-carved designs feature the face of Jesus and scenes from his earthly life and ministry. The Bible will come to life as you display these beautiful pieces of olive wood art. Choose from a carving of Jesus himself or of Jesus and his disciples. Our Jesus collection is designed to enhance your faith as you reflect on the author and perfecter. 


Olive Wood Baby Jesus

olive wood figurines

Inspiration for the Heroes of Faith

Who better to inspire you than the heroes of your faith? Whether you look to the saints we find in the Bible, the Catholic saints who laid a foundation of faith, or look to Jewish heroes to lead you in faith, our Saints & Judica collection of olive wood figurines is sure to bring faith and inspiration into any display.  Each figurine is hand carved with olive wood and provides a beautiful piece of art and conversation piece. Browse from our collection to bring your faith to life. 

olive wood madonnas

Olive Wood Madonnas

An olive wood madonna is the perfect gift for many occasions. Each statue features Mary and is carved from olive wood in Bethlehem. These tiny replicas display the mother and son relationship of Mary and Jesus and encourage your faith as you are reminded of the miracle of the Virgin Birth. Browse our selection for your next gift for the women in your life. 

olive wood angels

The Angels of the Holy Land

Our olive wood angels are a popular gift idea for many of our customers. Each of our figurines are carved from olive wood and are a beautiful display and reminder of God's army of angels. Our angels make fantastic gifts for the special people in your life or purchase one for yourself to display with your other olive wood pieces. 

Olive Wood Bass Reliefs


olive wood bass relief

Iconic Art from Bethlehem

Choose from our vast selection of olive wood bass reliefs. Each bass relief is hand carved and a beautiful addition to your home.